Dear Friend,

No matter where you are in your life right now, I can almost guarantee there is room to shift forward and make a change that will have an impact on your emotional, physical, professional or spiritual state.

In Shift On: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph, entrepreneurs, executives, writers, and educators discuss events that led them to take another direction in life. They also present tangible solutions to overcoming challenges that may have threatened to derail their success.

If you’re keeping on your game face and pushing through divorce, bankruptcy, low-self esteem, job dissatisfaction, health challenges or mental/physical abuse, there’s a chapter in Shift On that will inspire you to take look at your situation through another perspective.

As a lifetime student of successful people, I’ve read and tested hundreds of the best books and articles on the subject of high achievement in all areas of life. I assembled a group of very accomplished women who have each taken a different road on their journey to success and have come back stronger, more prosperous, more prepared mentally and spiritually than they had before something called for them to shift their way of thinking, living, loving, or working.

Those who have read Shift On, say that they have come away stronger, wiser, and ready for the storms life will inevitably bring your way.

Why continue down the same road of worry, self-doubt, unhappiness and fear, while not advancing in your personal and professional life?

Each of the co-authors is committed to your success, so we have made Shift On interactive! In order to get free training videos, access to more resources and free gifts visit You’ll not only get the tools you need for when road blocks get in your way, you will get free gifts from some of the authors too! We also have a Shift community just waiting to support you! You can access that by texting SHIFT to 38470 or go directly to the Facebook Page:

I promise after reading Shift On that you won’t go another day wondering what you can do to change directions on your job or in your personal life. I promise you will feel the subtle force of these twenty amazing Shift Agents and be motivated to take a step forward. Stagnation is not an option. SHIFT ON.


Nikki Woods

Nikki Woods is a best-selling author, on-air personality and senior producer of the Tom Joyner Show, the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history.

She is also CEO of of Nikki Woods Media-a social media and personal branding corporation that specializes in providing the tools, support and platforms for transforming writers into published authors. Her Passion as a Global Visibility expert is to help clients burst through the barriers that have kept them from becoming players in the world of publishing and to empower them to earn a living by telling their own stories.

Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph!

Shift: Twenty Women Share Stories of Strength, Courage, and Succeeding Against the Odds

presented by Senior Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and best selling author Nikki Woods, is an anthology celebrating pivotal moments in the lives of a masterful mix of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, executives and more... read more


Britt Yap

Britt Yap is a motivational speaker, life and business coach, Reiki practitioner, master hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist. She started her busi...

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Cheryl A Polote-Williamson

Love, Power, Self-discipline

A strong family is the cornerstone by which Cheryl measures her life’s success. Cheryl has been...

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Cheryl Lumpkin

Is it too late for you to strengthen your foundation?

After several years of matching employees and employers, motivating each to find creative ways to maximize productivity, Read more

Christine Norman

Christine Norman is a minister, writer, and sought-after speaker. She teaches classes, writing curriculum, and facilitating workshops for couples, teens a...

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Erica Daniel

Erica Daniel is a certified Transformational Leadership & Life Coach, Author and Speaker with a passion for helping others recognize and embrace...

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Felicia R. Shakespeare

Author, Teacher, Speaker and Coach, Felicia R. Shakespeare’s business and education roots are the thread of her life. Felicia in her early years began pra...

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Jennifer F. Smith

Jennifer F. Smith is a young and energetic professional with over 15 years of experience working with youth and families throughout the city of Chicago. S...

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Dr. Jennifer Hobson

Dr. Jennifer Hobson is a national speaker and presenter, and known expert in the fields of performing arts and event production. In October ...

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Lora Spencer

Lora Spencer is an Attorney and Author who shares her story of faith and perseverance. Passionate about paying it forward, Lora enjoys depositing inspirat...

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Marquita Miller

Marquita Miller worked for Fortune 500 companies as an accountant for years. then put her feet to faith and jumped head first into the world of entreprene...

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Miasha Gilliam-El

Miasha Gilliam-El is a Registered Nurse working in Long Term Care as a Unit Manager.

In 2012, Miasha decided to explore her entrepreneur...

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Patricia Johnson-Harris

Known as a keen strategist for creative professionals like authors and musicians, Patricia Johnson-Harris knows how to get things done despite any obstacl...

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Priscilla L. Jones

Priscilla L. Jones, aka “P.J.” hails from King George County, Virginia but is a Texan for more than 32 years. P.J.’s professional profile is simply: Resul...

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Ryan Blair-Smith

Ryan Blair-Smith is a new-age renaissance speaker, Chief Dream Strategist and aspiring Life Coach. Equipped with PHENOMENAL talent, wit, CREATIVE genius, ...

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Scott Cozart

Scott Cozart has the unique ability to hear you when you’re silent and speak to you while he’s quiet. His counseling skills along with his comprehension o...

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ShaDonna McPhaul

Chief Executive Officer ShaDonna McPhaul, also known as ‘Mo’ is a combat veteran with 19 years of loyal service to the United States Air Force. Her versat...

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Vaughnchette Rudisill

Vaughnchette Rudisill is an award-winning business professional with over 18 years of business-to-business management, executive level recruiting, contra...

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