Cheryl Lumpkin

Cheryl Lumpkin

Is it too late for you to strengthen your foundation?

After several years of matching employees and employers, motivating each to find creative ways to maximize productivity, Cheryl E. Lumpkin has decided to use that same concept to encourage people outside of the work place.

Utilizing skills honed as a Human Resources consultant, Lumpkin masterfully takes an objective look at how people can take the best path to self-awareness and use it to ultimately discover their best selves.

As a daughter, sister, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, entrepreneur and author, Lumpkin holds fast to the values she treasures and credits them for her personal, professional successes.

What Really Matters is her first published work and she is currently working on her next book. A native of Southern California, Lumpkin lives in Plano, Texas, blissfully near her granddaughter, Jordyn.