Christine Norman

Christine Norman

Christine Norman is a minister, writer, and sought-after speaker. She teaches classes, writing curriculum, and facilitating workshops for couples, teens and women in the Southeast US for the past seven years.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Christine is a devoted wife and mother. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services/Management with an emphasis in Counseling and is currently completing a Master of Christian Ministry degree with an emphasis in Leadership from Liberty Theological Seminary. Despite her academic training, Christine believes that nothing in life qualifies her for the call of God except His amazing love and unyielding grace.

Christine loves ministry both within and outside the walls of the church. She is a member of Ray of Hope Christian Church, under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale. She is also the Founder of L.Y.F.E. Ministries (Living Your Faith Every Day), a ministry aimed at helping believers live in victory in every area of their lives. Her desire is to see others transformed by the power of God’s love and grace. She believes that changed people can change the world. With that goal in mind, Christine ministers to women, teens, families, couples and congregations.

Christine’s deepest prayer and heart’s desire is to see God’s people set free, healed, comforted and strengthened by not just the Word that is preached, but the Word that is lived by sharing, encouraging and uplifting others. God has blessed Christine to overcome many personal struggles to become the woman she is today. Her sincere desire is to help others do likewise.