Miasha Gilliam-El

Miasha Gilliam-El

Miasha Gilliam-El is a Registered Nurse working in Long Term Care as a Unit Manager.

In 2012, Miasha decided to explore her entrepreneurial side and launched Herbal Delitz Cupcakes. Herbal Delitz utilizes some of nature’s finest herbs such as Lavender and Chamomile and is an extension of her mission to provide healthy alternatives that promote good nutrition.

She recently began serving as an elder in her church, Zech 8 Ministries. This has afforded her a platform to edify and uplift others through the word of God.

Miasha graduated Cum Laude from John Tyler College in Chester, Virginia. After nursing school she was selected as one of 10 candidates to be accepted into the residency program for graduating nurses at Chippenham Medical Center, in Richmond.

Miasha enjoys helping others and volunteers whenever opportunities arise. Her goal is to continue her work with abused women and children by forming her own organization.

In Shift her first collaborative book project, she shares her story of perseverance and faith.

She resides in Virginia with her husband and six children.